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Our Logistics Agent Program, modeled after what agents really want and need, provides for the highest earning levels in the industry, an ability to work with experienced mentors, to take time off and grow at own their pace.

Seeking a new movement in your freight industry career? Dreaming of potential earnings that hit all the high notes? Check out our Logistics Agent Program.

  • At Acappella Freight, we orchestrate a harmonious back-office system, so you can conduct your customer relations solo without missing a beat.
  • Work under the baton of our experienced transportation virtuosos, and join a financially sound, platinum-certified company.
  • Our record is a symphony to shippers and carriers alike, with industry-leading commissions as the cherry on top!
  • Take the opportunity to harmonize with experienced mentors in your professional concerto and perform your sales pitches on a stage free of customer conflicts.
  • Want some time off?  We can handle that too.  Our team will carry the tune and not miss a beat so you can recharge.
  • If you're worried about your stage exit plan, and how you can capture value of what you created, we may be able to help you there too!
  • And if you've ever dreamed of composing your own performance, Acappella Freight might just be your magnum opus.

Ready to join the band? Let's make beautiful music together in the freight industry!

Wondering how to get backstage?  Give us a ring at +1-888-808-0935 or fill out the form below to start a conversation about our Logistics Agent Program.